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Vinyl Floor Stripping And Sealing

Multipurpose Cleaning Services offer vinyl floor cleaning service in Perth. Vinyl floors can lose their sheen as it ages. Strip and seal floor cleaning is an aid that will help to make it look like new again. Multipurpose Cleaning possesses expertise in providing Strip and Seal Floor services to keep your premises’ floor clean and hygienic. Our team is fully trained in all aspects of floor cleaning needs and cater for cleaning services to your residential, commercial and industrial property.

How Vinyl Floor Cleaning is done?

Strip and Seal Vinyl Floor is usually done for vinyl floors. Firstly, the upper layer of the floor is removed which is typically comprised of sealer. Before buffing and polishing the new surface, acrylic and polymer sealer is applied to the cleaned surface. Further, the process is carried out by removing germs and grit from the floor; the strip and seal floor cleaning service is done to restore the floor to its former, pristine state. Once the dirt is removed, the floor is ready for a fresh coat of sealer.

Strip and Seal Floors Cleaning Services

Our team of qualified cleaners will work with you to provide the best solution for your individual floor cleaning needs and provide proper advice on how to maintain the originality of your floor for years to come.

Why Choose Multipurpose Cleaning Services ?

• Quality work guaranteed
• Exceptional results
• Fully trained staff
• Use of safe and good-quality floor stripping solutions

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