Shower Cleaning

Shower Cleaning

Shower Screen Cleaning

Do your shower screens have lime deposits and soap scum build-up? Have you done all efforts to clean the shower with domestic products? If you are looking for professional shower cleaning services in Perth you got it right here. Multipurpose Cleaning Services has been in the domestic and commercial cleaning business past a decade. We provide high quality shower cleaning services in Perth and surrounding suburbs.


Showers need regular maintenance and cleaning. The wet and warm climate in the shower accumulates oily build ups, soap scum and mildew. With regular use the showers and the glass doors get stained due to hard water, calcium deposits, soap scum and mineral deposits. The acid formulated soaps and shampoos can also cause discolouration of grout joints. Mould is another common problem with showers. If ignored, the mould can spread across a larger area of the shower space. All these factors are stubborn to normal domestic cleaning techniques/products and need professional cleaning.

Multipurpose Cleaning Services are the shower cleaning specialists in Perth. We are professionally trained shower cleaning experts having expertise in safe methods and site safety policies to work on all commercial and residential premises.

  • Cleaning of soap scum build-up and lime deposits
  • Removing hard water stains
  • Nano coating and sealing
  • Sparkling clean shower glass and shower screens

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